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This is the only non-invasive way to remove that fugly tattoo (or permanent makeup)

There are many reasons you might need to get rid of an inking; tramp stands were all that in the ’90s (as was saying “all that”) and who can forget that pencilled-on eyebrow look actually being a thing?
Linda Paradis knows this all too well after 25 working in the industry so came up with a way for people to forget they ever went there, and thank goodness. Traditionally, the tattoo removal process is known for being excruciatingly painful but her Tattoo Remoov process is so good, she spells is with two Os.
“In 2018 it’s the only safe technique for body removal and cosmetic removal,” she told POPSUGAR Middle East.
People do body tattoos because they see stars doing it, they want to express themselves or show commitment to someone but might get a job where they can’t show their tattoo. While some people might come from the school of thought which says, “Well, why did you get a tattoo in the first place?” She makes a valid point that on the other hand, permanent makeup (PMU) can be a savior for people who overshaved their eyebrows or have taken medicine the has effected their hair growth.
So how does her pain-free, Cartridge 88RS, process work?
“The cartridge we use contains 88RS square-shaped needles which are very flat. When you work with this kind of needle on the skin, it surfs on the epidermis. The needle does not go inside the dermis which 100 percent of the prevalent body tattoo or makeup rivals do,” she explains. On top of that the products she uses don’t cause the skin to peel, which combined with a needle is too aggressive for the skin and can cause scarring.
Tattoo Remoov is 8.5 alkaline and the composition is 40 percent water.
“Using needles on the skin stimulates collagen so if we use PMU (permanent makeup) needles you’ll have a chemical reaction between the product and the pigment,” she continues. “When you repeat use of these needs on the skin, you’ll start to see keloid scars. Our needles cannot stimulate collagen at all because of it’s square shape.”
It’s miles ahead of the likes of laser removal which uses heat and despite a laser costing practitioners a whopping $150,000, they’re really not good for the body. Linda tells how the molecules are brightened, broken and disperse into blood vessels but still, only around 60 percent are eliminated from our body. So what happens to the rest? They can stay in our body and ladies, even our ovaries.
“When laser breaks the molecule of our pigment, we do not know what kind of molecule it is breaking. We don’t know what molecules are in ink,” she warns. “So while lasers push molecules further into the skin, our technique pushes them out. We clean the skin.”
The number of sessions you may need to have depends on the deepness, quality and quantity of pigment, the area of the tattoo, thickness of skin and age of tattoo. It’s quicker than laser though as some body tattoos take two or three years minimum with laser.
With Cartridge 88RS, there’s no pain or blood, and no burning because the pH of the product is 9.5. Many alkaline products on the market are 12.5 which is too much.
Linda found her passion while studying medicine and entered the beauty industry where thousands of women would come crying her.
“I wanted a technique that was absolutely non-invasive and with 99.9 percent success,” she adds. “I’m 55 years old so I don’t want to stay in the market for years and years but before I leave, I want to leave something clean on the market for a new generation. Not to make money, but to help people.”
In the age of social media where people want to look beautiful and natural without scars, she prides herself on being able to remove all kinds of tattoos, colors, and pigments.
With treatment places in Dubai, Paris, Florida and Morocco she also has a master distributor in the UK and a huge presence in the US and Shanghai. And it’s no wonder. With her organic plant-based products that clients are instructed to apply every day, they can even go swimming right after having a treatment.
It’s less expensive than laser on the European market but it depends which country you’re in, so expected to pay between $150 and $250 for a session. Another bonus is it doesn’t kill the follicle of hair so you’ll be feeling back to yourself in no time.

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