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Rethinking the ink

We’ve all been guilty of indulging in some form of body ink over the years. It could have been your best friend’s initials on your pinky finger or a bigger design down your spine from an exotic holiday in Thailand. The problem is that this form of momentary self-expression is permanent. So how can you rethink the ink? Meet internationally renowned trainer in dermo-pigmentation since 1996 and founder of Linda Paradis Group, who formulated a method in 2006, to aid painless removal of ink.

How it Works

“Tattoo Remoov 88RS used along with Cartridges 88RS is a fast and painless treatment for ink removal. There is no need for numbing the surface, no scarring, and fast visible results. It is definitely the future of ink removal and the alternative for those who want to avoid laser surgeries,” explains Linda.

Reasons to Remove

According to Linda, a lot of people with ink tend to regret their decisions later when they’re faced with corporate situations or early parenthood. “As teenagers, getting yourself inked is a trend; some of it has deeper meanings so we carry it until we’re adults too. But there are still many professions, which wouldn’t accept visible ink, and hence people opt for removal.” In fact, past studies have shown that 50 percent of people with ink opt to remove it permanently at some later stage in life. “For the past 20 to 30 years, the only available method for ink removal is laser surgery which is an expensive and extensive process causing major scarring, but with Tattoo Remoov 88RS professional formula, this is changing,” she tells.

Safety Factor

Tattoo Remoov 88RS used with Cartridges 88RS is safe to use on face and body, and Linda adds how this is not a fader but an actual ink remover. “Tattoo Remoov 88RS is the economical option for ink removal with a bottle of it lasting for 15 to 20 treatments. Secondly, with each usage the pigments go definitively out from your skin. This action occurs right from the first session.”


Tattoo Remoov 88RS kit also includes after care products, which are enriched with organic substances. Linda Paradis’ Tattoo Remoov 88RS is also applicable for removal of cosmetic ink through semi permanent makes up procedures on lips, eyes, eyebrows, and so on.


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