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Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique By Linda Paradis


Thank you for visiting us, please take a look of our policy below. This Privacy Policy/Legal Notice explains how we protect your personal information that you’re providing when sending/booking/registering on our website.
Legal Notice about our Products

All our products are of high quality and made of authentic materials, the pictures on our sites are real photos of samples in our warehouses. Due to the conditions of light and background, they might look a little different from what they really do in the real world. The item you will receive will be identical with the item shown on the picture. Each item is inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality standards.

Legal Notice about our Shipping/Packaging

With internationally renowned logistics operators, including DHL, UPS , and EMS, we ship worldwide to more than 200 countries with thousands of orders dispatched securely on a daily basis. For total convenience, we offer a broad range of shipping options to fit the needs of every customer.

Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packaged in accordance with your standards. Your products will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.

Privacy Policy about Your Personal Information

We may collect personal information about you when you visit our website, when you submit a request or complete a form on our website, or when you have contact with us in person.

We will not collect any personal information without your consent. We consider that your consent is granted when you complete the necessary fields.

The types of personal information that we collect from you will depend on the circumstances of collection and on the type of service you request from us.

For example, when you wish to fill a distribution request from our website, we may collect details such as your full name, your mail address, your shipping/billing addresses, and other information relevant to your request.

As we are required by law to obtain your consent to the collection of sensitive and personal information, we will assume that you have accepted all these conditions, and have given consent to this information collection for use in accordance with our policy.

We generally collect your personal information :

 To facilitate for our team to contact you;

 To provide you with information about products, events, and services;

 To seek your opinion in our products, services, marketing, and website;

 To create your candidate folder for the distribution network.

Some of your personal information we collect is essential for us to accurately identify who is using our services. Other types of personal information we collect helps us develop a profile of who is using our services and what their interests are. This assists us in offering new services to suit the needs of the users of this website.

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