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Beware of Fake 88RS bad Copy

When using regular needles (Fake 88RS bad Copy), as a result, a chemical reaction occurs between the pigment, these needles are used repeatedly on the skin, it causes Keloid scars on the skin. Keloid scars are caused by the typical shape of needles which is painful for the skin. Typically shaped needles do not work smoothly on the skin and as a result, leave scars, redness, and itching on the skin.
Linda Paradis used 88 Round Square Needles (88 RS World wide Patent Needles by Linda Pradis) in combination with the patented Cartridges 88 to remove body tattoos and permanent makeup tattoos. These needles are assembled in a round square formation. The needles are made of 316 stainless steel and are magnetic, this combination has been tested to be very successful in bringing out the inks that are consisted of iron oxide, cadmium, and mercury. Moreover, licensed and approved materials have been used in the cartridge88 conception, and this is why they are safe to use for medical aesthetic and aesthetic purpose.
We have an advanced solution among all tattoo removal techniques which comprises of round square needles move back to forth and up to down. Round square needles smoothly operate on the skin. This smooth operation is non invasive, scar-free and crust-free. Moreover, round square needles do not cause itching and redness on the skin.

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