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Magnetic Tattoo Removal FAQ's


Magnetic Tattoo Removal FAQs cover the patented techniques and methods we employ. Our technology is not only patented worldwide but has also passed rigorous testing to guarantee safety and efficacy. From laboratory tests to formal approvals, every aspect of our magnetic tattoo removal process has been thoroughly vetted.

Mrs. Linda Line Paradis is an inventor and Developer of the miraculous Technique of Magnetic Tattoo Removal. She is the first international leader in the development and launch of the safest and non-invasive technique in the tattoo removal industry. 

Mrs. Linda Line Paradis has secured two patents worldwide for the needles that she has invented. Those Patents are as follows: 


The patent application was submitted in 2017, and the patent was granted in 2020 by the "United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Due to continuous Research and development to bring this technology to highest level of Safety, these Non-Invasive needles has been evolved to Non-Invasive Magnetic Needles. This achievement has also received a Patent from United States Patent and Trademark office.”  

The recognition of these patents by authorities worldwide underscores the innovative nature of her contributions and the unique advantages our technique holds. 

Below are the details of other worldwide Patents to this invention.  

China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Europe, Russia, Japan, UK, Turkey

Non-Invasive Magnetic needles invented by Mrs. Linda Paradis and produced solely by Linda Paradis Group have undergone sterilization process to ensure the safety standards. All the needles are for single use and to be disposed of under proper hygienic conditions. The technicians have been educated and instructed to follow this protocol.  


On the needle box, it is specified that the then needles are sterilized and for single use only, it is under the responsibility of the technician to respect the instructions use. 


  • SNOW LIPS – DETOX LIPS:                 132 MAGNETIC 
  • Detox lips - Detox Eyebrows 
  • Snow lips: Rejuvenating and enlightening 
  • Neutralizing Lips  
  • E-Dermis/Tattoo Remoov solution was branded in the USA with another name.  
  • It has been used worldwide for more than twenty years, with no complications. Over time, the formulation has been enhanced by a renowned laboratory located in New York. 
  • Made In USA 
  • Unique Formulation 
  • Non-Acidic and Not with High Alkaline components 
  • For over two decades, it has been Used in the USA under a different brand identity. 


E-Dermis Ink Extractor solution possesses unmatched characteristics that encourages the professionals to use this solution for their Tattoo removal Treatments.  


  • It is FDA Regulated and has been manufactured in compliance with safety standards in the USA for the past two decades. 
  • Its distinct formulation is specifically crafted for use alongside non-invasive magnetic needles. 
  • Clinical testing has confirmed its skin-friendly and gentle nature, making it a safe option for skin application.  

This is one of the most common questions we get. Let's clear up the misconception about the role of the US FDA. The FDA formally regulates food, drugs, and medical devices.

FDA does not provide approval for cosmetic products and pigments. In fact, claiming FDA approval for marketing purposes is strictly prohibited, and companies can face fines for making such claims. However, we have taken steps to ensure the quality and safety of our product. Our labels are certified FDA-compliant, and our manufacturing facility is currently undergoing FDA registration. 

 Additionally, we have obtained certifications from reputable European organizations, including the CE certificate and ISO certificate from England. Let's assure you that we provide you with the highest quality products that meet stringent standards. While FDA approval may not apply to cosmetics and pigments, our commitment to safety and compliance remains unwavering. 


1. Distilled water 


This alcohol is primarily used as a preservative in cosmetic and        personal care products. 

3. Magnesium Oxide: COSMETIC INDUSTRY 

It is a mineral, that is often added to cosmetic and personal care products to control the viscosity and bulk up the product. 

4. Centella asiatica Extract.: COSMETIC & FOOD INDUSTRY 

Antibacterial Activity 


Anti-Inflammatory effect 

5. Methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate: FOOD & COSMETIC INDUSTRY 

Preservative for cosmetic, drugs Antibacterial Activity  


White matt pigment, very useful as white basic for make-up products. 

7. Pentylene Glycol: COSMETIC INDUSTRY 

It is used in cosmetics and beauty products.  

As an emulsion stabilizer, humectant, solvent, and a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. It improves the texture of the product. 


Triethanolamine (also known as TEA) is used in cosmetics as a pH balancer and emulsion stabilizer. 

9. Calcium Thioglycolate: COSMETIC INDUSTRY 

It is excellent in personal care product applications including toothpastes, creams and lotions, cosmetics, and powders. In makeup, it is used as a pigment, pigment extender and prolonger

Tattoo Remoov/ E-Dermis Solution Contains less than 0.8% “Triethanolamine.” 

Some famous Cosmetics brands that contain TRIETHANOLAMINE 


  • L'Oreal 
  • La Roche-Posay  
  • Neutrogena  
  • Proactiv  
  • Aloe Up  
  • Baxter of California 
  • Cvs Health Advanced Skin Care Lotion, Fragrance Free 
  • Cvs Health Essential Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Cetaphil  
  • Beauty 360 
  • Beauty Pie  
  • CoTZ 
  • Differin 
  • Equate  
  • Black Radiance  
  • CoverGirl 
  • Sormé  
  • Up & Up  
  • Shiseido  
  • Everyday Humans  
  • Hampton Sun  
  • June Jacobs 
  • Glamazon Beauty 
  • Cvs Vitamin E Moisturizing Skin Cream, 30,000 i.u. 

The mean (skin + subcutaneous) thickness increases with BMI (body mass index) in both the genders. Thus, the subcutaneous tissue thickness of females is more than that of males across all BMI ranges. The range of skin + subcutaneous tissue thickness at arm is 2.25-17.85 mm in males and 4.90-21.00 mm in females. 

Also, a study has assessed the correlations of body mass index (BMI) with epidermal permeability barrier function, stratum corneum hydration, and skin surface pH in a large cohort. Moreover, aging-associated changes in epidermal function and BMI were also assessed. 

The tattoo needle punctures the skin around 100 times per second, with the aim of depositing the ink in a region of 1.5 to 2 millimeters below the surface of the skin. Over time, the pigment gradually moves to deeper layers and eventually reaches the lymphatic system. 

Non-invasive MAGNETIC TATTOO REMOVAL technique is a cascade of 

actions linked to each other without breaking the skin. 

  • A Mechanical & Physical action with the Magnetic Needles 52, 88 &132 
  • A strong Ultrasonic and Ultrasound action with the Magnetic Needles 52, 88 &132 
  • A Thermal action with the Magnetic Needles 52, 88 &132 
  • A powerful 300 Gauss Magnetic action with the Magnetic Needles 52, 88 &132 
  • Magnetic & Chemical action with the E-Dermis tattoo removal solution. 

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique is a non-invasive method where the needle glides solely on the dermal layer of the skin, making contact only with the uppermost layers without penetrating deeper. 

Below is the View taken from The Patent which is issued by “United states” Patent and Trademark Registrations office” It’s Says!  

The inventor of this technique discovered the necessity for a cosmetic treatment device that could limit or even eliminate the requirement to penetrate the skin's surface. This led to the invention of Non-Invasive Needles which is the safest option for all cosmetic Treatments now a days. 

The technique does not use any numbing, we use the finger numbing technique, in comparison with lasers or other acidic techniques as Saline or TCA, the technique causes much lesser pain, some clients says that the treatment is not painful at all while some sensitive people may feel little discomfort. It all depends on the pain tolerance level of the client or the sensitivity of the client.  

We do not use any numbing, because the technique is Non-Invasive. 

Only the technique Numbing with pressure fingers.

As with any laser it is hard to remove a big tattoo, so similarly with Magnetic Tattoo Removal it may need many sessions, long healing process and patience from technicians and concerned person. 

Yes, the procedure can be safely performed in any type of skin; however, just like in most beauty procedures, the Magnetic Tattoo Removal cannot be performed in pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals going through chemo or radio therapy, immune deficient individuals, as well as individuals with advanced diabetes unless express consent from their doctor has been given. 


The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique using needles 52/88/132 safely removes any colors of cosmetic or body tattoo as well as hair scalp tattoos.


Magnetic Tattoo Removal for Body Tattoos Technique was launched just two years ago and further to remove Body Tattoos it takes longer sessions. That is why there is scarcity of Before and After images. However, in the case of Scalp, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, and facial ethnic tattoos, a substantial collection of before-and-after photos and videos is available. 

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique demonstrates effectiveness across various tattoo inks and pigments for example: Organic, inorganic, vegetal, mineral.  

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique exhibits effectiveness on all shades and colors of tattoos. Even White and green that are the nightmare of all kinds of lasers. 

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique is effective on all Phenotype skin such as Asian, Medium, Fair and Dark. 

The sole potential risk is a slow healing process resulting from failure to adhere to the prescribed post care Treatment protocol. 

Yes, Magnetic Tattoo removal effectively removes Microblading also, and any kind of permanent make-up.  

Magnetic Tattoo removal is a Gold Standard for cosmetic tattoo removal.  

Once the skin has fully healed following a few sessions of magnetic tattoo removal, it is possible to proceed with getting a new cosmetic tattoo. 

Because the epidermis and the dermis are not damaged. 

Magnetic Tattoo Removal is the only Technique that can be performed safely in this Area. Mucous membranes are thin and sensitive tissues that line various cavities in the body, including the inside of the lips.  

Yes, Magnetic Tattoo Removal can be performed on Scalp pigmentation also, even on FUE and FUT scars with scalp pigmentation. 

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique proficiently eliminates Tattoos from skin that have previously undergone by other removal sessions. Magnetic  

Tattoo Removal technique not only erases the tattoo but also addresses any scars that may have arisen from previous alternative removal methods.  

The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique is applicable even on newly applied tattoos also. Tattoo removal needed within a span of 5 days for a recently done tattoo would be classified as an emergency removal request and an immediate action can be taken to address it. 

During Microblading, cosmetic tattoo or body / scalp tattoo, in case of error, we can erase immediately the failed design, by just using a micro-brush and the E-Dermis solution, the result will be visible after at least one week.

The amount of sessions depends on the person’s age and type of skin, the person’s immune system, the age and depth of the tattoo, as well as the type of pigment that was used. There are tattoos that are easily removed with some sessions, and other types of tattoos might take up to 8 sessions or more. There is no way of predicting how many sessions an individual will need.


Immediately after the procedure the individual’s skin might appear slightly red, however, the redness disappears shortly thereafter or within a day. Minor swelling or discomfort might also appear. However, most individuals go out and about with their normal lives without any interruptions if the aftercare protocol is properly followed. As with most beauty procedures, the individual must not apply any makeup on the treated area for at least 7 days and should avoid sun tanning or swimming.


Choosing the right method to work with or what to offer to your clients is a very personal choice. However, the Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique is a natural and safe way to remove tattoos since the product contains no harmful or harsh ingredients and the healing time is rather fast when compared to other methods. Also, this method is non-aggressive, non-laser, non-invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia of any type.

  • The quality and quantity of the Tattoo pigment 
  • The deepness of the pigment in the skin 
  • The age of the tattoo 
  • The surface of the tattoo 
  • The location of the tattoo 
  • The thickness of skin 
  • The number of cosmetic retouches done

The downtown between sessions for Magnetic Tattoo removal technique is the shortest. 

  • 2 to 3 weeks for lips, 
  • 3 to 4 weeks for Eyebrows 
  • 4 to 5 weeks for the body and Scalp 

Yes Indeed, there is specific Treatment protocol which includes before and after Precautions. To get the best results, it is very important to follow the Treatment protocol. This protocol will be slightly different depending on the type of treatment received. The Technician will inform you about it.  

Magnetic Tattoo Removal is not just a fader, it removes the 100% Tattoo pigment out from the skin without leaving any scarsI just need a little patience with the process. 

After undergoing a session of Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique, you have the freedom to shower, carry out work-related tasks, and participate in sports without experiencing any necessary downtime. 

  • Need sessions as any technique, the number of sessions depend on some factors as thickness of the skin, quantity, quantity, and deepness of the pigment in the skin. 
  • Tingling from the alcohol in the solution 
  • There is a short period of healing process. 
  • Cannot put makeup on for one week. 

It is a Permanent make up machine, but the power and the motor are adapted to body, scalp, and cosmetic tattoo treatments. It is adapted only to our Noninvasive Magnetic needles. 

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