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Effective Alternatives to laser Tattoo removal techniques

People who get a tattoo in their life feel excited. But as time passes, they feel regret. In such a situation, they want to remove the tattoo, but removing permanent ink is a complex task. People consider laser technology to be the most effective tool for tattoo removal. If you do not want a tattoo on your body then you have the option to remove it forever. As we know, laser tattoo removal is a common and popular method. But this does not mean that only laser is an effective method. Since we know laser is expensive and may take several sessions. Furthermore, not everyone can afford this expensive treatment. There are many other options for ink removable. Let’s see.

Surgical Incision

The surgical incision is efficient in removing small tattoos. However, it can leave scars on your body, as surgical treatment involves injections. In this technique, the design pattern was scratched from the affected area. The skin is then stitched.

Tattoo removal with no laser & no acid

The Linda Paradis Group is providing the world’s most famous non-laser removal technology and it is becoming popular among people. Laser is not included in this treatment. Also, there is no use of micro needles on the skin. We have a magnetic needle 88RS with standard PH 8.5 which is absolutely safe. There will be no scarring and swelling on the skin.
This amazing process of ink removal is considered the best replacement for laser treatment. The laser can cause severe infection in skin cells and pigmentation.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Intense pulsed light therapy helps to enhance the dermal and is used to remove permanent designs. It works similarly to laser removal. During the procedure, a tube is applied to the skin. After that, the stick is used to produce rays of light on the affected area and it serves to remove the ink.

Cover Up Tattoo

Some people choose a cover-up tattoo method when they do not want an existing tattoo. As the name suggests, it is the process of covering one tattoo with the help of another tattoo: However, this is not a tattoo removal technique, but it is the process of applying another tattoo to cover the existing tattoo. This is a great option if your tattoo is small. But it is not convenient to cover large tattoos or black ink in this process


Abrasion is also a good technique to eliminate permanent skin design. In this technique friction and salt water are applied to eliminate ink patterns. During the process, the saline solution is applied to the target part. The abrasive device then cleans the affected area until it turns red. After that, antibiotic gel and disinfectant spray are applied to the affected area so that the wound caused by friction can be cured. It will take 3 to 4 days to recover and after 3 to 4 days, the whole process will recur. Once the skin heals, the skin layer will react with the laser skin pigment and the permanent design will slowly disappear. However, this treatment can leave scars on the ski


The eLimink technique was initially applied to erase permanent makeup, but is now helpful in removing tattoos that form on the skin. Eliminksis made with the help of magnesium oxide solution. The finished solution penetrates the skin through a permanent makeup pen on your skin. The solution leaves the ink to the skin layer through oxidation.


We have described various options for non-invasive tattoo removal here, but no one can match the non-laser treatment method of the Linda Paradis group. And our contribution in permanent removal of tattoos is at the top because we have a patent for every tattoo removal. With this, we do our work with great vigor and patience.


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