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Our product and its specifications

The most powerful and effective tattoo removal product in the world which can be used on all the body.

TATTOO REMOOV TM is a unique method of ink extraction for cosmetic and body tattoo.

• Non-Invasive

• NO pain

• NO Laser

• NO Scars

• NO Selective Colours

• NO Redness or Inflammation of Skin

• NO Bleaching

• NO Crust or Pollution on the Skin

• NO Hair Loss

This exclusive tattoo removal method guarantees great results without using laser or micro-needling on the skin, just by the concept of Square Needles (TR88RS) and a solution with basic PH 10, which is all done without causing any inflammation or scars on the skin.


This miracle solution to ink removal, is marketed as an alternative to laser tattoo removal, which can cause an indiscriminate damage to the surrounding skin tissue.


Tattoo Removing:

• Eyebrow tattoo/ microblading


• Contour and full lips tattoo


• Eye liner and eye shadow tattoo


• Body tattoo and scalp micropigmentation



• Do not rub or scratch the skin with your fingers, pencil or makeup brushes.
• Avoid wearing clothes that might scratch the treated area.
• No sauna, swimming or playing sports (avoid sweat) is allowed on the first day.
• Smoking is allowed after 30 minutes following your tattoo removal session (Lips removal).
• Do not apply any foundation, powder makeup, hydrating creams, sunscreen, pencil, etc. on the treated area for at least 1 week.
• The Scar care or Aftercare gel will be given to you. APPLY it over the treated area every night following your procedure, as follows:
• BODY tattoo removal: apply 3 times per day, during 1 week.
• COSMETIC tattoo removal: apply 2 to 3 times per day, during 1 week.
• The treated area can be re-pigmented after a good recovery period of at least 3 months for lips and eyebrows permanent make up, and usually up to 6 months for body tattoo removal. However, the skin recovery process might be different from person to person.

•As soon as your skin is healed you can return for another tattoo removal session.

HYGIENE: the treated area needs to be clean at all times. Clean the treated area with water and natural soap (baby soap) when necessary.


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