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Magnetic Tattoo Removal Techniques for Body & Scalp Tattoo Removal (VIP PERFECTION CLASS, COURSE OPTION C)


Split payment plan available!

Eligibility: This course is exclusively for skilled technicians who have previously completed the Magnetic Tattoo Removal for Microblading, PMU, Snow Lips (Detox Lips), Body & Scalp Level 1 Courses.

Zero Hidden Costs: Real Models and All The Material Required for Hands-On Training During the Class Will Be Provided Free of Charge!



Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique for:   

  1. Magnetic Tattoo Removal for Body tattoos
  2. Magnetic Tattoo Removal for Scalp pigmentation and Tattoos 

Agenda Overview: 

  1. Seven Days Online Advanced and Updated Theoretical Training videos about techniques and a Quiz.
  2. One Day of Practical Advanced and Updated Training for Magnetic Tattoo Removal with hands-on on Real models.  
  3. One certificate on Completion with Level 2.

First Seven Days: Online Theoretical Advanced and Updated Training for Magnetic Tattoo Removal 

Description: For seven days, you will have access to online theoretical training covering Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal techniques.   

Brief introduction to the Company, Technique, invention, and products   

Skin Anatomy   

Pigments & Heavy Metals   

Organic and Inorganic Inks   

Preventions in Tattoo Removal Treatments   

Special Features of Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique   

Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal Vs Other Techniques   

Specific Features of Non-Invasive Magnetic Needles 88 Round Square   

How Magnetism makes these needles unique in its nature   

Unique features of Tattoo Removal Solution   

The technical aspects and effects due to actions of Tattoo Removal solution and Non-Invasive Magnetic Needles   

How to work on scars caused by other removal procedures   

Post care instructions   

Special characteristics of Body Tattoos.   

Type of ink used in Body Tattoos.   

How our technique helps to get the Tattoo Ink out of the skin.   

The difference between cosmetic and body Tattoos.   

Special characteristics of Scalp Tattoos.  

You will watch informational, instructional, and working techniques videos throughout these seven days and will be required to pass a quiz on the 7th day to demonstrate your understanding of the material.   

Practical Day: Practical Advanced and Updated Training for Magnetic Tattoo Removal (Body and Scalp Tattoos) with Hands-on Training on real models 


  1. Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal techniques for Body tattoos.
  2. Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal techniques for Scalp Pigmentation and Tattoos.  

You will have the opportunity to practice on real models throughout the day under the supervision of the Inventor of the Technique Mrs. Linda Paradis. At the end of the day, you will receive certificates for both courses. All the material for practical and Models will be provided by the company as free. 

*Please note that the price of the course does not include the premium starter kit. (If you would like to acquire the premium kit along with the class, kindly choose the option below.)



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