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Removing Tattoo is not a painful treatment anymore!

Magnetic Needles extract the ink of Tattoos without going into the skin surface. Therefore, People don’t feel any pain and it doesn’t produce any scars. 

Humanity has suffered a lot due to painful and expensive Tattoo Removal Techniques including Laser, acid, saline, Surgery etc. Innovative technique of Tattoo Removal by Linda Paradis is the solution to these problems. Top professionals of beauty industry from all over the world are now recommending it to People who want to remove their Tattoos. As this technique helps them to remove Tattoos of all types, colors and it can be performed in all seasons.

This Technique is now being practiced in more than 40 countries including USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East and many more. There are thousands of successful cases whose Tattoos are removed.
Following are the special feature of this technique.
The unique design of the Non-invasive Round Square Magnetic needles 88/132 effectively works on the skin’s surface without penetrating the Dermis. There is no pain, no scars, no micro-needling into the dermis and no collagen induction. These are the key features of this Technique.
Secondly, as the heavy metals in Tattoo pigment from the deep Dermis interact with 300 Power Gauss Magnet of those needles, the tattoo ink molecules are expelled from the dermis, besides with the non-acid Tattoo Remoov88 solution.
Thirdly, the TATTOO REMOOV composition contains 40% of water and all its molecules are from food, bakery, and the cosmetic industry. Further more, the Tattoo Remoov solution PH is 8.5, making it non-acidic either high alkaline.
The reason of using non-invasive Round square needles 88/132 is that as our skin system is very rich in collagen and fibroblast.
The mesotherapy needles and nanoneedles are used for micro-needling to stimulate the fibroblasts. As Fibroblasts are the collagen’s factory.
These types of needles are used more to repair atrophic and hypertrophic scars.
Lets us suppose that we have to use Invasive needles to a Cosmetic or Body Tattoo removal on even a healthy and flat skin. So, with an addition of acidic or highly alkaline solution we may witness the following:
1- It may cause a skin disorder: Because the PH of the Dermis is alkaline and due to puncturing with saline or acid solutions will cause skin disorder.
2- It will generate keloid, or severely hypertrophic scars by stimulating the collagen with micro-needling action.
The new Generation of Non-invasive Magnetic Needles have unique features that makes it a revolutionary invention to remove Tattoos with best safety conditions.


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