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Since when E-Dermis Magnetic Tattoo removal technique exist, and who invent this concept?

Before moving on to the technique of E-Dermis Magnetic Tattoo removal, here we are discussing what it is, what’s the basic need or requirement of introducing, and why everyone moves toward it.

The ultrathin electronic ‘skin tattoos’ driven by sensors developed by the advanced team of physicists. With hand gestures, the contained sensors enable a person to manipulate objects & control applications in the physical world as well as virtual reality. The electronic devices trace movements of a hand and work accordingly. 

Since the start of tattooing, there are several tools or methods have been used to remove tattoos. It becomes possible to remove them either fully or partially. Continuous-wave lasers were used to remove tattoos by producing a high energy beam to ablate the targeted area. The high-intensity beam destroyed the surrounding tissue structures and tattoos ink. The entire treatment was painful and left scars.

Other common techniques are dermabrasion(to remove the top skin layer by using trichloroacetic acid), salabrasion(scrub the skin with a salt solution to abate pigment from tattoos), and cryosurgery & excision(used with skin grafts to remove larger tattoos).

Although all the above traditional treatments are well-known and used to remove tattoos, people suffer from side effects like:

●  Transient changes in the pigmentation of normal skin like hypopigmentation(white spots), hyperpigmentation(dark spots), and textural changes.

●  Paradoxical lightening that makes tattoo darker despite lighter.

●  Laser results in embedded particles ignition of firework debris.

●  Pain, weeping pores(infected dermatitis), swelling, scrabbing, permanent scarring, bruising, etc.

●  Discouraged people with sensitive skin.

●  Damages nearby tissue.

●  Tattoo pigments breakdown into harmful chemicals during treatment because they contain metals when exposed to beam light.

After that, the concept of E-Dermis magnetic tattoo removal was invented by the leader of the Tattoo Removing Industry, Mrs. Linda Paradis.

Instead of invasive, the safest & non-invasive procedure is developed & launched by her in the tattoo abating industry. This technique eliminates the unselective damages to the skin tissues resulting in scars due to surgical excisions and laser methods.

Mrs. Linda Paradis, a quite experienced clinical trainer, practitioner, and international examiner, has been working for many years to make this technique more popular across the globe. Share all the findings regarding the tattoo removal technique and methods to implement them through well-organized training courses.

The group introduces magnetic needles with highly innovative configurations to extract tattoos and color cosmetics on the phenotype skin. The other products offered by Linda Paradise Group are tattoo remove & magnetic cartridges, E-Dermis handpiece, tattoo remove TM purifying cleanser PADs and tattoo remove aftercare 20G.

The pain-free tattoo removal methods via the above products make this technique more promising among customers throughout the world. Plus, no damages to the targeted and nearby area during & after providing services. The methods are less painful compared to the primitive laser tattoo removal and other techniques. The absence of laser ensures no pain because of magnetic cartridges use. The applied technique is based on the age of tattoo, tattoo color, depth of pigment insertion, ink composition, ink density and patient’s health. 

Let’s have a look over some exceptional benefits of the innovative tattoo removal products and their removing procedures:

➢  Faster than the laser and other treatment methods. Also, the traditional methods need several sessions to implement the procedure of tattoo removal process. However, a single session is enough as per the type of tattoo with the help of available products.

➢  Ensures no scarring.

➢  Remove pigments from the tattoo selected portion without damaging or affecting the remaining tattoo. 

➢  There will be no scars and inflammation on the customer’s skin after implementing the procedure of tattoo removal.

➢  No creams, acid, no lactic, or TCA solutions and no laser eliminate the chances of burn or atrophy scars on the skin.

➢  Suits all skin tones and works holistically on the skin epidermis for abating ink and toxins.

➢  A few sessions will make your skin ink free without inflammation, scars, and pain.

A huge demand can be seen toward this non-laser tattoo removal ways suggested by Linda Paradise Group.

Back/forth and up/down cartridge movement exfoliates the epidermis layer consisting of dead cells and increases water temperature in the skin. Skin temperature elevation generates invisible water evaporation inside of the skin. The product sucked inside of the dermis as it consists of 35% to 40 % of water. All the products are provided with top-notch ISO and FDA standards. A high integrated power motor ensures accurate and quiet performance while performing the procedure of tattoo removal. The products are known for vibrationless, tight-lipped outfit, and precise & flexible functioning.

The E-Dermis tattoo removal product contains a handpiece, IC cable, and micro-fiber case. The kit contains pigments and needles to make it suited for every tattoo type. The product is used for contour & full lips PMU, body tattoo, scalp micro-pigmentation, eyebrows PMU, micro-blending, and eye shadow & eyeliner PMU. Its configuration doesn’t penetrate the derm. Thanks to its incredible characteristics which makes it more preferable among customers.

The Linda Paradise Group delivers training support for the safest tattoo removal. So, this is a perfect place for all of you to get tattoo removal training. 


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