Get an effective solution to remove unwanted tattoo, such as Microblading or even body tattoo.

Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique by Linda Paradis
Get an effective solution to remove unwanted tattoo, such as Microblading or even body tattoo.
We often do something that we regret either immediately or a few years later and are desperate for a quick fix to the problem.
 Microblading and tattoos on the body are such problems.
Techniques abound on the internet, and each technique promises miracles, acidic or highly alkaline solutions, saline solutions, lasers, or even “Do it at Home” techniques.
Laboratories spend millions of dollars to patent the best technique or the best laser that would be effective on any tattoo color and skin type, and until today even the most expensive and powerful lasers in the world. world, do not have a positive effect on all tattoo colors, and most often end up with after-effects on the skin.
Many women around the world fall prey to Microblading procedures marketed as a miracle technique that can give the illusion of having real eyebrow hair, only to find unfortunate results.
Likewise, nowadays there are many people who wish to have their tattoos removed from their eyebrows, lips and other body parts. This can be due to breakages, changes in the working environment, or poor design.
So, we have listed the best solutions to help you remove those tattoo inks.
Remove Microblading or Eyebrow Tattooing:
If you’ve recently had a Microblading procedure, and want to get it out quickly, don’t worry.
You can follow any of these steps to fade your brows quickly or even remove it completely.
Case 1: Your Microblading or tattoo is recent 2 to 5 days
 Stop following the follow-up diet
The first step in fading your tattoos or Microblading is to stop following the aftercare regimen that the technician has requested.
 Immediately wash face or body with lukewarm water, preferably a good full shower, in circular motions with mild soap and a terrycloth washcloth.
 Avoid any aggressive action on the skin, such as salt, lemon, abrasion of the skin, salt or sugar exfoliation or any aggressive process.
Some skin types can react very badly to repeated invasive or irritating actions. Which most often end up giving various types of hypertrophic or keloid scars.
 Then apply a moisturizer several times a day, throughout the week, avoiding touching the treated part with your unwashed hands
Tattooing and Microblading procedures can cause minor damage to the skin, so it will take a few days for the redness of the skin to disappear completely after about ten days.
Case 2: Your Microblading or tattoo is over a week to x years old
The tattoo ink implanted in the skin quickly reaches the depths of the dermis, after a week the second layer of your skin “the matrix” is already flooded with tattoo pigment.
A simple shower and a natural or chemical exfoliation will not be enough to remove your tattoo in a consistent way, maybe to fade very slightly.
● Safe and secure ink removal
Well, the easiest and fastest solution to fade Microblading is to use ink removal techniques like “E-Dermis Magnetic Tattoo remoov using 300 Gauss magnetic needles”.
The famous Linda Line Paradis has come with this 100% safe and fluid technique to give you a unique solution.
Remove eyebrow and lip tattoos
You can remove tattoos both naturally and with commercial techniques. So, let’s find out the ways to get rid of tattoos.
● Laser tattoo removal
Website Link of Picosure laser. If it is possible if not remove please
The number of sessions usually depends on the type of ink used to print tattoos on your lips and eyebrows, your skin, and the method the artist used on you. You can count on cosmetic tattoo removal for at least three to five laser tattoo removal sessions.
For the body tattoo between 5 to several sessions.
But remember, this is a painful procedure, with a high risk of scarring.
● E-Dermis Magnetic Needles 88 & Tattoo REMOOV solution
The famous tattoo removal speacker and teacher, Linda Line Paradis, has developed a non-invasive tattoo removal technique. 88 Round Square magnetic needles have become a popular technique in the tattoo removal industry without any side effects, and effective on all colors, and all skin types.

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